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How do I get 20% ROI?With organic chia seeds, you sponsor 1 hectare of land for 1700$, we farm for you, and sell the produce after harvest. Once it's sold we give you 30% of your initial investment + the 1700$ you paid at the beginning of the season. The farming cycle of chia is 3 months and the payout is every 4 months, so 3 times a year in total
Do you payout at the end of the season or the year?The season or the year. That's up to the sponsor to determine how often.
So is the profit seasonal or annual?Seasonal (so 3x times a year)
Can you please make it clear for me to understand? If I wanted to invest 1500$ and receive a return in a season how would I compare to a person who invests and takes out their share of returns at the year end? Would I still be receiving the 30% return on investment or it’d be lower?You would get 30%+30%+30% if you stayed for just one whole year. It is more interesting for people staying longer.
Where do you run your administrative operations from? Not launched yet?Kigali, Rwanda
Where are the farms?In Rulindo,Lake Muhazi, Rwamagana; depends on where we can find land
Is it a partnership you’ll be doing with farmers and invest the money with them or you’ll lease farm lands and employ labor to do the farming yourself?We lease the land and hire labour, provide them with seeds
Do you monitor them as employees?No, our farming partner handles that part. We monitor the farms via weekly visits
What’s the probable size of your market?Our target audience is the diaspora. For year 1 we're projecting 250 sponsors, that’s 250 people asking us to farm for them.
What happens if the current glitch in the global supply chain goes on for longer?Superfoods aren't really affected by the situation.
What about the consumption?Demand is on the rise people want to eat healthy and stay healthy. Chia seeds aren’t perishable goods, We have buyers and we can stock them for 2 years.
The delay in sales wouldn’t affect the seasonal production and incomes thereof?Precisely, they can stay for over 24 months and as a whole we produce that much chia. So there's room for growth
What’s the security in case you don’t deliver and maybe I lose the money? The crops are insured, you’ll not lose all of your money. Besides, we have stock to cover the losses of what we take on per season.
Did you say 20-30%? And the season is 3 months which makes it 4 seasons/annum? So if I am making a 30% on my 1800$= 540$/season, making it 1620$/annum. Is that so?It's a 3 months cycle but the payout is after 4 months. We need time to harvest, sort, package and sell the produce. So it's 3 payouts per annum; one every 4 months. It's 30% per season

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